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Come and Join Us!

Our first Community Party after Covid – let’s celebrate together.

We have games, face painting, music, DIY crafts for the children, a coloring station, snacks, drinks, Raffles, and prizes for the winners of fun word games.  We want both adults and children to participate in the word games.  

Please bring cash for purchasing Raffle Tickets ($1/ticket and $2/ticket).  Raffle Prizes are for adults.

For more details about our Neighborhood Summer Party please click on the link below.

We launched our very own neighborhood website on November 1, 2022.  We demonstrated its capabilities on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at the Talleyville Fire Hall during our McDaniel Civic Association Town Hall Meeting. 

Special thanks to all our neighbors who visited the website and reached out to us with suggestions and comments.  Most importantly we want to thank our residents who entered their accurate contact information through the Membership Registration.  Your accurate contact information allows us to send out emails with important announcements and information related to our neighborhood.  If you have not explored the “McDaniel Civic Association Website” yet, we encourage you to do so and familiarize yourself with all it offers.

 “McDaniel Civic Association Website” provides up-to-date information for the residents of our neighborhood. We, the neighborhood residents, are members of this website. The website pages are all organized for us to easily access any information that is relevant to our neighborhood, its announcements, its safety, its bylaws, and events with simple clicks to specific links. It is easy to use and the “Helpful Links/Resources” page provides us with every contact information we need in New Castle County and in the State.  The website allows us to pay our “Annual Dues” on-site and contact the President, Executive Officers, and the Board of Directors with one click.  Please explore it and let us know what you think!

Be on the lookout for announcements for updated services in our neighborhood, news about upcoming public meetings, as well as any new topic related to our neighborhood’s business.  All-important announcements will be updated regularly on our website in a timely manner. 

What happened to our Facebook page? We kept the Facebook page as is.  It is an informal communication, and social media site that is open to many who are not part of our neighborhood. Any neighborhood event will still be announced at the site however, we encourage you to raise any neighborhood-related issue by contacting us directly at our “McDaniel Civic Association Website”.  No neighborhood-related business, news, or service updates will be discussed on the Facebook page.  

Please come and visit our McDaniel Civic Association Website.  

About Us

McDaniel is a residential neighborhood located in the Brandywine Hundred area of North Wilmington.
Many of these early homes were built pre-WWII. Several were genuine “Sears Homes” from home kit plans. Development rapidly grew in the 1950’s in this post-World War II neighborhood.
McDaniel now consists of almost 800 single-family homes and 20 apartments in McDaniel Crest, McDaniel Heights and Concord Manor.
The homes are of various designs due to the way the neighborhood was developed over the years.
The McDaniel Civic Association (MCA) meets at least once a year to discuss neighborhood concerns and vote in the board of directors and officers. McDaniel sends out newsletters to inform neighbors on current issues as well as collect dues.
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach the McDaniel Civic Association Board by sending email to president@mcdanielcivicassociation.org

McDaniel Civic Association Statistics

Year Established
Single Family Homes

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We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or just want to reach out to us, we will get back to you shortly.

McDaniel C.A. Map

Our neighborhood is located in the vicinity of the map below.